Texas Ren Fest

The Fields of New Market Campground


 Camping at the Texas Renaissance Festival


Welcome to the Fields of New Market!                    

Whether you are a RV enthusiast, enjoy the comforts of a trailer, or prefer tent camping, the Fields of New Market’s first-rate accommodations, amenities and activities provide the setting for a fun family outing that is also easy on the wallet. The Fields of New Market Campground has everything you need to make camping memories with family and friends.  Whether it is the communal bonfire, fire performers, clan encampments or, of course, the Texas Renaissance Festival you’ll notice that fun is the main attraction! Great memories last a lifetime; so the King and Queen invite your family to make some new ones at the Fields of New Market Campground . . . Where You Camp with Friends! 


Hours: The campground is open from 10 a.m. on Friday until 12 p.m. (noon) on Monday every weekend the Festival is open.  Please be packed up and departed by noon so the grounds can be prepared for the following weekend. 

*CLOSING WEEKEND* The Festival will open the campgrounds beginning at 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 27th and will remain open until 12 p.m. (noon) on Monday, December 1st.    



Camping Rules of the Realm for Camping Guests

Location:  The 200+ acre camping area is located on the west side of the parking lots. Entry into the campgrounds is only on CR302. Turn west off of FM1774 by the Valero gas station.

The patron’s campground is divided into two sections: QUIET and MAIN. The Quiet area is along the road from the campgrounds entrance on CR302. NOTE: The Quiet area is not exclusively reserved for families.  Campers with or without families are welcome in both areas.

The Main area is the south campground, plus rows 1-24. Rows 1-5 are available for campers to use for parking for the Festival, with row 1 being reserved for handicapped parking only.

All camping is on a first-come first-serve basis. Spaces are not marked and are not allowed to be roped off or reserved in any way. You may park and camp anywhere you like within the designated areas. Please do not camp within 30 feet of the tree line for safety and security access.


Cost:  There is a $ 20.00 charge per vehicle to camp.  You must have a ticket to the Festival to enter, they are available at the gate.  CASH or CREDIT CARDS ONLY.


Fires: The Todd Mission Volunteer Fire Department regularly patrols the campgrounds and will supervise lighting of the community Bonfire in the general camping area, weather permitting. TRF allows fires in enclosed containers like metal BBQ pits, fire pits, barrels, chimneys, open flame heating devices, or liquid-fueled devices. Individual fires must NOT be started on the ground.


Noise Restrictions: In the Quiet campgrounds, ALL NOISE (music, generators, loud voices) shall cease at 10 PM.

In the general camping, all amplified sound shall be limited to 85 dB at 10 feet, and shall cease at midnight. Please note that generators, vehicles, and musical instruments are not “amplified”. If you need to run a generator all night for medical or comfort reasons, please be sensitive to your neighbors.

Convenience Supplies: There are two (2) convenience stores open from 7am to midnight in the campground. Ice, drinks, snacks, beer, and camping necessities are available.



Shower House: The showers in the campgrounds are available for a fee and have hot water and a full time attendant. A grooming room is also available for shaving and blow-drying hair.


Dump Station: A dump station is currently being built. Charge for dumping is $20.  A sign will indicate when the dumping station is open.



Food:  Hot food is available across from the bonfire. Beer and wine is also available.



Facilities:   Porta- Potties are available throughout the campgrounds and flush restrooms are next to the Quickie Mart by the entrance.  No electric hookups are available. Water stations are available along the main road near the entrance. RV dump service is available for a fee along the main road as you exit.


Pets:   For safety, pets are not allowed.  ADA certified service animals are welcome.



Garbage: Dumpsters are available to use along the main roads


Security: The grounds are patrolled by officers at all times.  If you need security, call 936-727-1800.


Hours:  The campground is open from 10:00 AM on Friday (Thursday on closing weekend) and closes at Noon on Monday.


Weapons:  We do not allow concealed weapons on Festival grounds.  Any swords, rapiers, edged or pointed blades worn as part of your costume MUST BE SHEATHED AND PEACE TIED. You can secure them with leather straps or zip ties.





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21 shower stalls

Located near the entrance near the Quickie Mart



The showers in the campgrounds will have hot water and a full time attendant.


The cost to use the showers will be $5 and can be paid in cash or credit card.

There will not be a time limit on the use of the showers.

The showers will not be climate controlled but will have proper ventilation.

The showers will remain open as long as there is need but WILL close for the night. 10pm is planned closing time.