Texas Ren Fest

Barbarian Invasion | November 14 & 15 2015

Uggh!  You!  Weakling!  Join in the barbarian invasion!  The Barbarian King, and his band of barbarian buddies try to prove themselves civilized citizens of the realm.  Compete in rowdy contests of barbaric fashion:  Worst Dressed Barbarian, Barbarian Battle Cry, and prove your love of meat at the Turkey Leg Eating Contest.  Time to gather your hoard and raid the village!

Themed Adventures

At the Texas Renaissance Festival, the nation’s largest, most acclaimed Renaissance theme park, each of our 8 weekends showcase an exciting and unique theme.  These Adventures have been fashioned to spotlight those shows, characters, food, drink, shoppes, artists, and games that will enhance your festival experience.  Whether you are a long-time patron or a first time guest, each Adventure itinerary serves as a guide for exciting opportunities during your visit.  These suggestions can be followed closely or can serve as a springboard for your imagination.  To make the most of your Adventure, purchase our souvenir program which provides a full listing of our shoppes, and entertainment schedule and a detailed map of the festival site.  Enjoy your day at the Texas Renaissance Festival and be sure and return again and again to experience a new Adventure every weekend!


The pinnacle of our Barbaric Invasion, come compete or cheer on our contestants as they eat, pillage, and arm themselves to win tickets for 2015.  Please inquire at that Revels Area for more information or if you would like to enter into any competition.  All contests are FREE to enter!

Guest Artist - Shoppe #243

Dreamscape Artist Mark Matzke

Featured Garden

The Arena
Although our gardens are resplendent resting places, we could not expect any warrior to be truly fulfilled by our landscaped edens.  Instead, enjoy the skilled competitions for glory in our dusty battlegrounds and let the horde satisfy their thirst.


A barbaric array of entertainment awaits you.  Take a rest from your pillaging and partying with one of these great performances.

Music Performance


Stage Performance


Street Characters

The Barbarian Horde