Texas Ren Fest

1001 Dreams | October 17 & 18 2015

Magical fantasies come to life as wizards, elves and faeries enchant the streets of New Market Village spreading joy throughout the shire.  Become part of the enchanting celebrations by participating in the Fantasy Scavenger Hunt, show off your magical finery in the Fantasy Costume Contest, and test your tastebuds in the Dragon Wing Eating Contest.

Themed Adventures

At the Texas Renaissance Festival, the nation’s largest, most acclaimed Renaissance theme park, each of our 8 weekends showcase an exciting and unique theme.  These Adventures have been fashioned to spotlight those shows, characters, food, drink, shoppes, artists, and games that will enhance your festival experience.  Whether you are a long-time patron or a first time guest, each Adventure itinerary serves as a guide for exciting opportunities during your visit.  These suggestions can be followed closely or can serve as a springboard for your imagination.  To make the most of your Adventure, purchase our souvenir program which provides a full listing of our shoppes, and entertainment schedule and a detailed map of the festival site.  Enjoy your day at the Texas Renaissance Festival and be sure and return again and again to experience a new Adventure every weekend!


The pinnacle of our 1001 Dreams Adventure, come compete or cheer on our contestants as they eat, scavenge, and faerie their way to win tickets for 2015.  Please inquire at the Revels Area for more information or if you would like to enter into any competition.  All contests are FREE to enter!

Guest Artist - Shoppe #243

Arielle's Misty World's Gallery

Featured Garden

The Throne of the Fae located in the Magic Garden
Snuggled into a quiet alcove of the Magic Gardens, this beautiful space was added in the 2013 season.  The breathtaking carved wooden throne that dazzles the eye was designed and carved by local artist Teri McCaully.  Throughout the day guests are invited to sit within the circle of benches as they visit with members of the Court of the Fantasy Realm and enjoy the enchantment of this magical venue.  The Magic Garden features various sanctuaries that offer rest and revitalization.  Each sanctuary has a theme represented by its flora.  Once inside a sanctuary, say a blessing, meditate on the theme, or sit and reflect upon your day.


Our featured entertainment combines the sounds, poetry, and fantasy of the Fae to make for a variety of amusement throughout the day.

Musical Performance


Stage Performance


Street Characters
The Fairy Court
Jakeem, The King’s Magician


Royal Fireworks
The Arena