Texas Ren Fest

Scavenger Hunts

Theme Weekend Scavenger Hunts – Throughout the Festival Grounds ending at Revels
Contest Runs 10-3:30
Contestants MUST be at the Revels at 3:30 to be considered for a prize


1st – 1 Season Pass to 2015 Texas Renaissance Festival and Prize Bag
2nd – 4 Tickets to 2015 Texas Renaissance Festival and Prize Bag
3rd – 2 Tickets to 2015 Texas Renaissance Festival and Prize Bag

Player Eligibility, Entering, and Playing:

  • This contest is open to all ages.  As with all Theme Weekend Contests, all contestants must be attending the Festival, which does include complimentary passes and children under 5.  Festival Participants on a pass are ineligible to enter. 
  • To enter: visit the Information Booth and request a card for the Scavenger Hunt.  Search clues throughout the village.  For every clue, there will be someone to mark your card.  
  • At 3:30 all Contestants need to be at the Revels Area with their card to be considered in this contest. The first contestant with a completed sheet will be declared the winner.  If no sheet is completed, the contestant with the most marks will be declared the winner. Group entries are permitted but only one prize will be awarded.  
  • In case of a tie, the Contest Official will present a final challenge to break the tie.  

Scavenger Contest Specifics by Weekend:

Any weekend featuring a Scavenger Hunt will have the clue sheets at the Information Booth near the Front Gate.  

1001 Dreams – October 18 & 19

The Fairies have spread their magic throughout New Market Village!  

Pirate Adventure – November 1 & 2

Every good Pirate enjoys a good Treasure Hunt!

Highland Fling – November 22 & 23

Join in the Great Sheep Hunt finding all the sheep in the village!

Celtic Christmas – November 28, 29 & 30

Father Christmas and his elves have spread their candy canes in the village and need help finding them!