Texas Ren Fest


This year, we will offer free shuttle service when you use our preferred parking!

The shuttle will be running from the parking rows to the main gate throughout the day.


Free parking is available beyond the preferred parking area.


Our many of numbered rows offer the best parking in the State of Texas. Built to resemble a Sherwood Forest settting, you may be able to hear Robin Hood and His Merry Men high in the tree line celebrating a victory over the Sheriff of Nottingham. 


Special Preferred Parking

Visitors can indulge in our special Preferred Parking for a small fee!  The Preferred Parking is close to the gates and is available on a first come, first serve basis only.  The fee for this parking is $10.  Upon entry into the Festival Main Gate, please follow the signs to the Preferred Parking area as directed.  Fee must be paid to the attendant at the time of arrival.  Cash Only.

Handicapped Parking is avaliable


By Order of the King:  Please Drink Responsibly!

We have been willing to work with any transportation company that can give patrons a ride to or from the festival to ensure the safety of our patrons and others. We work with the two hotels in Magnolia and La Torreta to offer a shuttle to and from the festival for anyone staying at those accommodations.  But what about those who drink too much but drove to the festival if they don’t have a designated driver or everyone else in their party is intoxicated? This year we are proud to announce a partnership with taxi services!  Patrons can choose to set their transportation needs in advance by contacting these partners or anyone at the information booth or security will call if requested.