Texas Ren Fest

Military Discount


In the 16th century a strong military was needed to defend The Kingdom's honour against all that opposed it; today is no different. The United States Military is the strongest in the world and we hold these brave men and women names in our heart and yell HUZZAH in their honour!

The Texas Renaissance Festival is proud to support the military service members who protect Our Kingdom!

Special $18.00 tickets may be purchased by members of the US Military and their dependants. These discounts are ONLY available at the gate with valid military Id card. Military Id can also include an Honorable Discharge or DD214. Members of the Military may purchase up to 4 tickets per Military Id per festival day at the discount price.

This discount is for active duty and veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The Military Discount isn't just available on one weekend but the entire festival season!

HUZZAH to you our Friends!