Texas Ren Fest


All-Powerful Deities are easily displeased.
For Your Safety and enjoyment, Heed ye the Golden Rules of The Court of King Midas!


  1. King Midas has an unfortunate history of accidentally turning young persons into gold. No one under the age of 21 is to be admitted.  Photo ID is required.  

  2. All who enter shall be in costume or formal attire.  Any ensemble from any time or place devised to honor and delight our court is welcome.  Follow your dreams.  Let your imagination run wild.  Your choices will be respected and admired.

  3. All guests must be masked.  Any artistic medium -- fabrics, leathers, feathers, facepaint -- may be used to create your chosen fantasy.

  4. The Court of King Midas will serve as final arbitrator of taste and decorum.  As hosts of the Masquerade, they reserve the right to require additions or alterations to any ensemble likely to dismay guests or offend All-Powerful Deities in attendance.

  5. The Court of King Midas is filled with amazing creatures and things.  Do not touch magical objects, no matter how tantalizing.  Meddling with magic is very likely to result in unfortunate consequences.

  6. Be very cautious agreeing to any contract with -- or accepting any gift from -- any member of The Court of King Midas.  Especially those who are -- or serve -- All-Powerful Deities.    Once such deals are final, they cannot be reversed.  Even the smallest gift can have surprising strings attached.

  7. Observe the Golden Rule of courtesy.  Smoking will be limited to designated areas.


Your pleasure is our passion. Prepare to enjoy a night of extraordinary fantasy and fun!