Texas Ren Fest

Entertainment Schedule 2013

Acts, Times and Venues are subject to change.

New Market Music Gazebo

9:30am Royal Proclaimation
10:00am Texas Brass
11:00am Cantiga
12:30pm Cantiga
1:30pm Texas Brass
2:30pm Cantiga
3:30pm Texas Brass
4:00pm Food Contest
4:30pm Texas Brass
5:00pm Cantiga

The Globe Theatre

9:30am Clan Tynker
10:30am Ded Bob Show
11:30am Clan Tynker
12:00pm Royal Proclaimation
12:30pm Ded Bob Show
1:30pm Clan Tynker
2:30pm Ded Bob Show
3:30pm Clan Tynker
4:30pm Ded Bob Show
5:00pm Tartanic
6:00pm Royal Celebration

Dove Meadow Stage

9:30am Tartanic
10:30am Circa Paleo
11:30am Tartanic
12:30pm Circa Paleo
1:30pm Tartanic
2:30pm Circa Paleo
3:30pm Tartanic
4:30pm Circa Paleo
5:30pm Circa Paleo

The Tower Stage

10:00am School of Sword
10:30am The Great Rondini
11:00am Art of Defense
12:00pm School of Sword
12:30pm The Great Rondini
1:00pm Art of Defense
2:00pm School of Sword
2:30pm The Great Rondini
3:00pm Art of Defense
4:00pm School of Sword
4:30pm The Great Rondini

The Falconer's Stage

10:00am Fire, Whip Show
10:30am Birds of Prey
11:30am Fire, Whip Show
12:30pm Birds of Prey
1:30pm Fire, Whip Show
2:30pm Birds of Prey
3:30pm Fire, Whip Show
4:30pm Birds of Prey

The Mud Pit

11:00am The Sturdy Beggars®
12:30pm The Sturdy Beggars®
2:30pm The Sturdy Beggars®
3:30pm The Sturdy Beggars®
4:30pm The Sturdy Beggars®

The Cloister and the Green

10:30am Saxon Moon
11:30am Wine and Alchemy
12:30pm Saxon Moon
1:00pm Cast in Bronze
1:30pm Wine and Alchemy
2:00pm Cast in Bronze
2:30pm Saxon Moon
3:00pm Cast in Bronze
3:30pm Wine and Alchemy
4:30pm Saxon Moon
5:00pm Cast in Bronze
5:30pm Wine and Alchemy

Wharfside Music Gazebo

9:30am Gypsy Rox
10:30am Crannog
11:30am Gypsy Rox
12:30pm Crannog
1:30pm Gypsy Rox
2:30pm Crannog
3:30pm Gypsy Rox
4:30pm Crannog

The Arena

11:00am Joust
1:00pm Joust
2:00pm Costume Contest
3:00pm Joust
5:00pm Joust
6:30pm Fire Whip Show
7:00pm Clan Tynker
7:50pm Royal Finale Fireworks featuring Tartanic

Mockingbird Music Gazebo

9:30am The Bard O'Neill
10:00am Jim Hancock
10:30am Istanpitta
11:30am The Bard O'Neill
12:00pm Jim Hancock
12:30pm Istanpitta
1:30pm The Bard O'Neill
2:00pm Jim Hancock
2:30pm Istanpitta
3:30pm The Bard O'Neill
4:00pm Jim Hancock
4:30pm Istanpitta

The Odeon

9:30am Arsene
10:30am Sound and Fury™
11:30am Arsene
12:30pm Sound and Fury™
1:30pm Arsene
2:30pm Sound and Fury™
3:30pm Arsene
4:30pm Sound and Fury™

Sea Devil Tavern

11:30am The Cannibal Tudors
12:30pm The Pirates
1:30pm The Cannibal Tudors
2:30pm The Pirates
3:30pm The Cannibal Tudors
4:30pm The Pirates
5:30pm The Cannibal Tudors

Hacienda San Jorge

10:30am Shunyata Fusion Dance
11:30am Faire to Middlin
12:30pm Shunyata Fusion Dance
1:30pm Faire to Middlin
2:30pm Shunyata Fusion Dance
3:30pm Faire to Middlin
4:30pm Shunyata Fusion Dance
5:30pm Faire to Middlin

The Greek Agora

11:00am Gypsy Dance Theatre
12:00pm Christophe the Insulter
1:00pm Gypsy Dance Theatre
2:00pm Christophe the Insulter
3:00pm Gypsy Dance Theatre
4:00pm Christophe the Insulter
5:00pm Gypsy Dance Theatre
6:00pm Christophe the Insulter

Barbarian Inn

11:00 am Brothers Dracul
12:00 pm Sholo
1:00pm Brothers Dracul
2:00 pm Sholo
3:00 pm Brothers Dracul
4:00 pm Sholo
5:00pm Brothers Dracul
5:30pm Sholo

Revels Area

11:00am Themed Event
11:30am Gypsy Guerilla Band
1:00pm Dance School
3:00pm Dance School
5:00pm Dance School

Polish Pub

10:30am Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
11:30am Iris and Rose
12:30pm Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
1:30pm Iris and Rose
2:30pm Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
3:30pm Iris and Rose
4:30pm Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
5:30pm Iris and Rose

The King's Feast

11:00am Frilly, Fancy Feast
2:00pm Frilly, Fancy Feast

The King's Wine Tasting

1:00pm Wine Tasting
3:00pm Wine Tasting

Themed Weekends

Oktoberfest - October 12th & 13th

11:00am Bavarian Stein Holding Revels Area
2:00pm German Costume Contest Arena
4:00pm Bratwurst Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

1001 Dreams - October 19th & 20th

10am-3:30pm Fantasy Scavenger Hunt Revels Area
2:00pm Fantasy Costume Contest Arena
4:00pm Dragon Wing Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

All Hallows Eve - October 26th & 27th

11:00am Banshee Screaming Contest Revels Area
1pm-3:30pm Pumpkin Carving Contest Revels Area
2:00pm Costume Contest Arena
4:00pm Kettle Korn Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

Pirate Adventure - November 2nd & 3rd

10am-3:30pm Pirate Treasure Hunt Revels Area
11:00am Talk Like a Pirate Contest Revels Area
2:00pm Best Dressed Pirate Contest Arena
4:00pm Fish and Chip Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

Roman Bacchanal - November 9th & 10th

11:00am Bocce Ball Contest Revels Area
2:00pm Toga Contest Arena
4:00pm Spaghetti Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

Barbarian Invasion - November 16th & 17th

11:00am Barbarian Battle Cry Contest Revels Area
2:00pm Worst Dressed Barbarian Contest Arena
4:00pm Turkey Leg Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

Highland Fling - November 23rd & 24th

10am-3:30pm Great Sheep Hunt Revels Area
11:00am Highland Dance Contest Revels Area
2:00pm Bonnie Knees Contest Arena
4:00pm Haggis Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo

Celtic Christmas November 29th, 30th, & December 1st

10am-3:30pm Christmas Scavenger Hunt Revels Area
10am-3pm Guess the Present Contest

Revels Area

2:00pm Costume Contest Arena
4:00pm Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest New Market Music Gazebo