Texas Ren Fest

Group Discount Rates

The Texas Renaissance Festival offers discounted tickets to groups of 25 adults and more for $18 per ticket.
Groups will need to call in to the Texas Renaissance Festival offices at 800.458.3435 to obtain the group ticket rates.
As many children’s tickets can be purchased for $8 per ticket as long as the group meets the requirement of 25 or more adults.

The person ordering the group tickets is responsible for distributing the tickets to other members of their party. Tickets can be mailed but will only ship to one address and all tickets shipped together.
Tickets may also be left at Will Call but can only be left under one name, not multiple.


Are you a company interested in setting up a discount for your employees?  The Texas Renaissance Festival also offers Corporate Codes!  These codes allow your employees to purchase tickets at the group rate at the gate!  Click here for more information!