Texas Ren Fest

Costume Contest Winners

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 Costume Contest Winners


1st - James Lentz

2nd - Alicia Penning

3rd - Shauna Odum


1st - Cassandra Dixson

2nd - Michael McIntire

3rd - Cayla Fast

Middle School

1st - Bethany McCluney

2nd -Alexis Cho

3rd - Lauren Yeotter

High School

1st - Jacob McLaney

2nd - Rebecca Bumpurs

3rd - Bryce Bush


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


1st - Hailey Anderson

2nd - Sean Mayberry

3rd - Alexander McIntyre


1st - Hope Varich

2nd - Katie Graziosi

3rd - Chloe Gordon

Honorable Mention - Lexie Vest

Middle School

1st - James Mayberry

2nd - Nick Paul

3rd - Hannah Anderson

Honorable Mention - Caitlin Scully

High School

1st - Katy Vanderlaan

2nd - Audrey Tipton

3rd - Colby McCord


Congratulations to all of the Costume Contest Winners!  And thank you to all the students who participated in this event. 

Awards were presented at the end of the day by King Henry VIII and Queen Anne.  For those who had to leave prior to the ceremony, the Festival will have their prizes mailed to them.  All certificates will also be sent by US Postal mail prior to the office closing for the holidays on December 16.

Further questions, comments, or suggestions concerning this contest or participating in the 2012 Costume Contest please contact schooldays@texrenfest and be sure to follow School Days at the Texas Renaissance Festival on Facebook.